Our Society

History of the Society

In the founding year of 1992, the "Arbeitskreis Bernstein" was formed by Friends of the Geological-Paleontological Museum of the University of Hamburg. Meanwhile, the association is composed exclusively of members whose interest is mainly the amber. It provides a forum for scholars, collectors, dealers, artists, exhibitors and hobbyists all of them lovers of amber.

Already after one year, about 53 amber friends had been gathered, at the tenth anniversary they counted 210! In the following years, the membership remained more or less constant at 225. Over time, the club also won international interest.
Today, the working group sends mail to members in the following countries: Denmark, Dominican Republic, Great Britain, Indonesia, Italy, Canada, Lithuania, Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Switzerland, Ukraine and the USA.

Our board members prior to the Hamburger Geomatikum

Amber hunters, collectors of amber inclusions as well as researchers and professional scientists are involved in the exchange of experiences and support each other in pursuing their interests in topics such as the amber-geology, exploration and determination of inclusions. The working group is currently headed by Carsten Gröhn.

The members of the Society for the Support of the Geological-Palaeontological Museum of the University of Hamburg e.V. (Amber Working Group) are also involved in the publication of books. All contribute their knowledge in different ways to the benefit of the Working Group. Besides the participating paleontologists, there also operators of Amber museums taking part in these activities.

This group of Friends of the Institute and Museum officially meets twice a year. At these meetings,  about 100 scholars, collectors, amateur researchers and other amber professionals from Lithuania, Poland, Denmark, the Netherlands, Russia and Germany inform on new research results and observations, trade rare amber inclusions, or just enjoy a reunion.