of  the
“Verein zur Förderung des Geologisch-Paläontologischen
Museums der Universität Hamburg e.V.”
(Society for the Support of the Geological-Palaeontological
of the University of Hamburg)

§ 01   Name and Seat (Place of Registration)

01. The society’s name is “Verein zur Förderung des Geologisch-Palaeontologischen
       Museums der Universität Hamburg “. The society was registered on 23rd June,
      1992 as  No. 69 VR 133320.

02. The society’s seat is Hamburg.

§ 02    The society’s aims

01. The society’s aim is the support of the Geological-Palaeontological Museum
        of the University of Hamburg by:

       - purchasing rare exposures, thus increasing the attractivity of the museum;
      - special expositions in exchange with other museums;
      - making the museum reknown to the wider public by giving scientific lectures
        for  the general public.

02.   The society is neutral in respect of policital parties and ideology. Its aims are
         exclusively and directly of public benefit.

03.   The society’s means must only be spent on statutory purposes, such as:

    a) purchase of collections, single specimens, scientific publications, instruments,
        and equipment;

      b) excavations;

      c) lectures and excursions;

      d) publications;

      e) wages for technical and scientific assistents.


04. a) The board decides by majority how the means are spent, usually after having
           heard  the opinion of the director and the keeper of the collection. In case of  
          equality of votes for and against, the chairman (of the board) has the casting

      b) The objects purchased by the society will be donated to the collection of the
          Geological-Palaeontological Museum of the University of Hamburg and included
           in the inventory.

05.     All means must be spent only for statutory purposes.

06.     The members do not receive profit shares nor any other allowances out of
          the society’s means.

07.     Unstatutory payments in favour of members or unreasonably high
          allowances are not permitted.


§ 03  Membership

01.    Members of the society can be:

     a) ordinary members;

     b) sponsors;

     c) honorary members;

     d) corresponding members.

         Individual persons, corporate bodies, foundations, institutions, societies,
        associations, and firms can be ordinary members or sponsors.


02.    Membership can be obtained:

    a)  for ordinary members by written application which will be confirmed by the

    b) The baord decides about a sponsor’s membership. A sponsor can become
        anyone who donates a larger sum of money or is prepared to pay regularly
        a somewhat higher annual subscription. Sponsoring can also be done by
       donating scientific collections, single objects of scientific value, or specia
        l literature. A report about the valuation of the donations is given by the
       keeper of the museum’s collection.
       Donations of sponsors are to be mentioned in the annual report.

   c) Honorary members can be nominated and appointed at the general meeting.
       Persons can be appointed honorary members for their merits in connection
       with the Geological-Palaeontological Museum of the University of Hamburg.

  d) Corresponding members will be appointed by the board on recommendation.
      Corresponding members can be persons who support the purposes of the
      society with their scientific publications. These members do not have to


03.    Membership ends:

         by withdrawal, death, or dismissal. Withdrawals are accepted only at the
         end of the  year. Arrears of more than one year’s subscription will be regarded
         as withdrawal.
         The general assembly can vote for dismission of a member on a motion of the
         board. Reasons for dismission can be: damage of the society’s reputation or
         interests. Before deciding about a dismission, the member must be given an
        opportunity for justification.


§ 04    Duties and rights of members

01.     The members shall promote the society’s purposes.

02.     All members have seat and vote in the general assembly and have the right
          of  proposing motions.

03.     All members are entitled to the annual report.

04.     On demand, members may receive the “Mitteilungen aus dem Geologisch-
          Paläontologischen Institut der Universität Hamburg” at reduced cost.


§ 05    Finances

01.     The administration expenses and the expenses mentioned in § 02 are
          covered by:

      a) subscriptions b) private donations (money or objects)

      b) public donations

02.    The members have to subscribe. Each ordinary member has to pay a
         minimum subscription fee per year; its amount depends on the                 
         society’s   requirements and will be fixed by the general assembly. It
         is due on 1st April. Members of the board  are exempt from subscription.


§ 06   The society’s organs

      a)  the general assembly

      b)  the board


§ 07  The general assembly

01.    The general assembly is responsible for:

     a) acceptance of the annual report;

     b) review of the accounts by two auditors recommended by the general

     c) modification of statutes;

     d) election of board members and nomination of honorary members;

     e) passing of resolutions regarding members’ motions;

     f) dismissals of members;

    g) fixing the minimum annual subscription.


01a: The society’s secretary writes a protocol of the general assembly. It has
         to be signed by the secretary and the chairman of the board.

01b: The annual statement of account has to be audited by two members to
         be elected  for two years by the general assembly. They have to report
         the result.

01c: Amendments to the statutes require a 3/4 majority of the members present
         at the general assembly. All other resolutions pass with the votes of the
         simple majority.

01d: Members of the board are elected for two years.

01e: Members’ motions should be put forward to the board in writing possibly
         4 weeks before the general assembly.

02.   The general assembly takes place at least once a year. Members are
        called to the meeting by written agenda at least 2 weeks in advance.

03.   Elections and resolutions are open, voting by hand-lifting. On a member’s
        motion, a secret ballot has to be held.

04.  The board can call to an extraordinary general assembly at any time. It
       must take  place if 10 % of the members put forward a reasonable written
       motion. The procedure must be in accordance with § 07, No. 02.


§ 08   The board

01.     The board consists of the following four persons:

      a) the chairman of the board;

      b) the vice chairman of the board;

      c) the secretary;

      d) the treasurer.

          The members of the board are elected by the general assembly with
          simple majority and for two years each. They remain in office until new
          elections are held. Re-elections are permitted.

02.    The chairman of the board shall invite all members of the board regularly
         – if possible in writing – enclosing the agenda. An extraordinary meeting
         has to take place within 14 days after receipt of a board member’s motion.
         Three members of  the board constitute a quorum.

03.   A meeting is not necessary in case of written resolutions between members.

04.   Resolutions of the board need a majority of votes. In case of equality of
        votes for and against, the chairman of the board has the casting vote.

05.  The board is in charge of the management of the society. The board makes
        the necessary arrangements for the general assembly.
        It presents the annual report and the annual statement of account for the
        last year. The board explains the plans for the following year.

06.  The society is represented in court and out of court by the chairman of
        the board and one other member of the board. The chairman of the board
        and one other member of the board can appoint other members of the
        board as representatives in certain business affairs or special kinds of
        business affairs.

07.  A member of the board or several members of the board, within the limits
       of their authority, can appoint other persons as representatives of the
       society. This must be done in writing.

08. Obligatory statements require proper legal (written) form.


§ 09    Financial Year

           The financial year is the calendar year.

§ 10    Annual Account

01.      The treasurer has to prepare an annual statement of account for every
            financial year which must be audited by two members of the society
            before the annual general assembly takes place. The auditors are elected
            by the general assembly.They must not belong to the board.

02.      The general assembly can decide that the auditing be made by a person
           who is not member of the society, but an expert.


§ 11     Dissolution

01.      The society can be dissolved only on a motion by the general assembly.
           A dissolution requires a majority of 3/4 of the members present.

02.      In case of dissolution of the society or cessation of the society’s former
           aims, the society’s assets will belong to the Museum of the Geological-
           Palaeontolgical Institute of the University of Hamburg.


§ 12     Final rule

           Moreover, the rules of the current edition of “Bürgerliches Gesetzbuch
           über das Vereinsrecht” are applicable.