Overview and Descriptions of Trichoptera in Baltic Amber

Wilfried Wichard


ISBN 978-3-941300-84-2,

Verlag Kessel (www.verlagkessel.de),
230 pages, numerous drawings and colour photos, flexible cover.

In 1912 Georg Ulmer (1877-1963) published his famous book “Die Trichopteren des Baltischen Bernsteins” and described 152 species of 26 genera and 12 families, including 9 spicipalpian and 48 integripalpian species. After 100 years, in the light of modern developments in taxonomy and systematics, a revision of the fossil Trichoptera in Baltic amber is undertaken. This first part of the revision deals with the suborders Spicipalpia and Intergipalpia, redescribing the 57 known species and describing 32 new species, including the first record of the families Hydrobiosidae, Apataniidae and Limnephilidae and the proposal of the new family Ogmomyidae. The descriptions are supplemented by detailed drawings and colour photos.