Carsten Gröhn


The inclusions in Baltic amber are described in their systematic order and illustrated with 1480 highly defined photographs. Even those taxa are included, which have not yet been found in amber but which will very probably be found sooner or later. Even if this book focuses on animal inclusions, some selected plants of the amber forest are presented as well. Numerous scientists from all over the world contributed greatly to the successful completion of this book by their descriptions of the encased organisms, which are sometimes identified up to species level.

“Everything about amber” – being linked to the previous publication, Carsten Gröhn’s present book provides a short overview on the genesis of amber, starting with the amber forest and proceeding with the deposition and reallocation of amber up to the present day. The properties of amber, its diverse colours and multiple forms are presented.

How can I start my own collection? How can I store amber? How can I preserve amber? How can I photograph the inclusions? Which examination methods can I use? This book provides answers and many other interesting facts.